We started keeping chickens in 2007 when Andy bought me two hens and an Omlet Classic Eglu for my birthday! This was when we lived in our old Victorian terrace house before we moved to Hen Corner. Since the move we have upgraded to an Omlet Eglu Cube and have an Omlet Eglu Go that we use for hatching eggs.

The full series of Ten Top Tips for Keeping Chicks can be found here.

Throughout the year we run regular courses:

Urban Hens – Keeping Chickens in London

Family Feathers and Fun! (Chicken Keeping for Families)

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  1. I love that I see the kids holding a buff orpington. One of my very favorite breeds and was wonderful to grow up with. I love your blog! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thanks for this…
      Butternut is very much my favourite and makes a great mum when we give her fertile eggs to sit on!

      • Wonderful! My buffs have also been good hatching out eggs, I’ve tried fertile duck eggs under them and it’s quite a site seeing them raise ducklings!

      • I’d love some ducklings, I bet they are really sweet with an Orpington!

  2. I can’t wait until I can have a few hens of my own! We live in Newfoundland, so I’m being very careful about being prepared for winters, but I hope to have a few girls in the next year. I’m so glad I found your blog!

    • Thanks for this Kate,

      So glad that you’ve subscribed, you’ll get all the news first!


  3. I am getting chickens and an eglu go, I am looking to have a fence around it so I can let them out to have a bit of extra space to roam. I live in Surrey and in our particular area we have a lot of foxes. Would it be worth getting an electric fence for during the day? As we will be locking the chickens up at night.

    • Hi Frances,
      Thanks for getting in touch, foxes can be a real threat to our chickens can’t they?
      We used to let our chickens free-range around the garden each day when we were out at work, but as we’ve seen an increase in daytime foxes, they are just so brave, we now only let them out when we can watch them. Remember that foxes can climb and jump quite high, so even with an electric fence, they might find a way over it. Of course, locked inside an Omlet Eglu run, your hens will be as safe as they can be (we’ve been using them since 2006). To give them extra space you can buy run extensions, alternatively, weigh up the benefits of free ranging with the risks of foxes. It’s a shame that our hens have such confident predators…

      I hope this helps?


      • Thanks that really helps!!! Just another quick question. Have any of your chickens ever been taken by foxes whilst in your eglu go?

      • Hi Frances, As long as they are securely shut into the Eglu run they are safe. We’ve had foxes climbing all over, but they can’t get the girls….

  4. Hi,
    I am about to get a couple of hens. I am not bothered about having a prolific layer, but do want friendly, sweet natured hens. I have absolutely fallen in love with pekin bantams. Although there are still so many other breeds, so can you give any recommendations??? I am also up for having large hens!

    • Mmm, Pekin Bantams are very sweet… For a friendly docile breed we keep Orpingtons, both large fowl & bantams. A down side of some of the pure breeds is that they can spend most of the summer months broody, sitting in the nest box, rather than pottering around the garden; though this makes them easier to pick up for a cuddle! The main thing to remember is that breeds with feathered legs & feet need to be able to keep them dry on woodchip or grass. Muddy feet in the winter could make them ill… Do send us some pictures when you’ve made your choice! Sara

      • I will certainly send in some photos!! It seems to me that I could really go either way with this! Although, I am certainly bought with the idea of having fluffy hens, like the Pekins, Orpingtons or Cochins! Thanks for your help and still loving your amazing work!!!

  5. Hi!
    Respected Sara, I have watched your 10 Top Tips.But I live in Pakistan.I have five hens and one rooster.Problem is that the feed you have described in video will not be available here and also the DE powder.Could you send me the composition of feed and salt (chemical formula) of medicine.

    • Hi Muhammad,
      Thanks for getting in touch, I hope you’ve enjoyed the films.
      Unfortunately, as these are commercially made products, you will have to contact the manufacturers or search online.
      The feed is a good balance of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and both soluble & insoluble grit.
      I believe that the DE powder is ground up fossilized material.

      I hope this helps and good luck with your chickens…


  6. Hi Sara we have recently moved to a house with a big garden and I can finally have the chickens I’ve dreamed of. My only concern is that we are planning building work and was wondering how the noise might affect them?

    • Hi Louise,

      Thanks for getting in touch!
      If the chickens are in the garden and the building work is in the house, then there shouldn’t be a problem…
      We had two Eglus, both with hens, in our garden during 9 months of building work…

      How close would the chickens be to the works?

      As long as nothing falls on them, or the space is too confined, they should be great!


  7. It will be to the side and back of house but chickens will be far enough away to be safe from debris, down the very bottom of the garden, just wasn’t sure how sensitive they are. Thanks for the reply.

    • Fantastic, sounds great, go for it!

  8. Hi There, I was wondering, do you sell your lovely eggs to the public? And if so could you tell me where I could buy some? Thanks in advance and best wishes, Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks for this, yes, we do sell our eggs from Hen Corner, if you can come and collect them.
      Please email us at and we can arrange the details.

      Thanks, Sara

      • hello,how much would, say a dozen eggs cost and would these eggs be able to hatch is sat on by a broody hen

      • Hi, unfortunately, we don’t have a cockerel so our eggs aren’t fertilised and won’t hatch…
        We do sell eggs for eating at £2/half dozen.

        Hope this helps?


  9. thanks Sara,
    just one more quick question is there any where you
    can buy some fertilized eggs, if so where?

  10. awww MY NICE VISIT

  11. I enjoy following Hen Corner on Twitter, and seeing all the nice posts. This lifestyle with chickens is lovely. I enjoy every day with my chickens and ducks. I live in Sweden and have a blog where I write a lot about my animals. I always write in English and Swedish so everyone can enjoy it. I would love it if you looked it up!
    Thank you for all the great tips I get from you!
    Pauline at

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve just seen your blog and it looks great!

      All the best for those house renovations…


  12. You make me want to keep chickens too Sara!

    • I’m sure there’s a corner for a coop at the apiary!

  13. Hi there,

    I want to buy local eggs from a small free holding, where hens are happy and no young chicks are killed. I live in South West London

    Do you have any suggestions please?

    • We are based in Brentford, just across the river from Kew, and regularly have eggs for sale, we also recommend Charlotte’s Chickens in Ashford.
      Where are you based? I may know others nearer you…

  14. Hi,

    Just started with 5 hens and a cock can you send me more information regarding keeping my new extended family please?


    • Hi Justine,
      Where are you based? We don’t keep cockerels in London as they’re too noisy.

      We run courses in chicken keeping and also have a series of films on

      I hope this helps,


  15. We are new to hen-keeping this summer – and loving it.
    Can you tell me what is likely to be causing one of our 5 Road Island Reds to lose the feathers on one side of its neck. The hen seems to be fine.
    We have another who won,t come out of its bed. We push her out but she just want to have a drink,eat some pellets and go back to her bed. Earlier this summer she went through weeks of “brooding”, and we cant believe she is at it again!?

    • Hi Sherie,
      How much space have your 5 girls got and do they free-range often? Sometime they can pluck feathers out of confinement/boredom, alternatively, have you checked for lice? Or this time of year, it could just be moulting… (if you see new quills start to come through – then all is OK!)
      Your other hen may well be broody again, is she behaving in the same way? Puffing herself out in the nest box? Growling when you try to move her?
      Hope this helps?


  16. Hello-I’m very interested in Hencorner but there are no directions on your website about how to visit or where to buy or which is the best way by public transport-am in W11 so would love to buy bread or eggs perhaps-maybe you haven’t got a shop-it’s a bit unclear, thanks, Petra

    • Hi Petra, thanks for getting in touch.
      As Hen Corner is our family home we don’t advertise our address publicly, however, we are just a 5-10 min walk from Brentford station. Our Micro Bakery is open every Friday, orders can be placed online here: and we’ll confirm exact address for collection of your goods.
      I hope this helps, thank you for your understanding!


      P.S. The chickens aren’t laying at the moment but as the days get longer we could be getting 17 a day next month!

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