‘Since moving into her West London home a few years ago, Sara Ward and her husband Andy have industriously set up Hen Corner, where they now have a stunning kitchen garden – with raised beds full of seasonal crops – fruit and nut trees, a flock of clucking hens and a beehive with busy bees hard at work making honey.’ Michele Jameson, Country Living Magazine

Hen Corner TV: Director  — Alex Campbell, Music Composer — Elias Lenge, Production Assistant — Jonny Back

Believing in community – doing it together…
Loving the country life – in London…
Living life to the full – as promised!

As featured in Country Living Magazine

Well for some reason a few people have asked us to start a blog….
Who will read it? Well let’s see…
What will it be about? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Hen Corner is a little bit of country life in London, we’ve got an overflowing kitchen garden, eleven fruit & nut trees, a growing flock of hens and three colonies of honey bees. With a shed storing chutneys, preserves and our cider press; we’ve got big ambitions!

You may not be as excited as us when we see the first spears of asparagus peeping through, but we know that they’ll be great with a home-made hollandaise….

So, check in from time to time and join us on the journey…

To contact us, please send us a message below:



  1. Hi there,
    I’m a journalist for the Observer and am writing a story about urban farmers in London and wanted if possible to talk to you about your exploits…
    ..do you think you could email me with your contact details? I’m particularly interested in your cider! Thanks and best wishes, Carole

    • Hi Carole

      I expect that we are late for your story about urban farmers, however if you are still interested in people who combine chickens keeping and growing their own vegetables and fruit, then feel free to get in touch. We are based in Croydon, South London, not far from East Croydon Station. We keep 9 chickens in our back garden, and regularly host ‘Hen Parties for Beginners’, to help people prepare for looking after chickens and enjoying the freshest eggs.
      Regards – Clive and Rosie

      • Hi,
        My daughter and our son would like to start keeping chickens. Googling around the subject I found your post. If you are still doing the beginner parties or are happy to briefly show us around and give us a few tips please let us know.

        Kind regards

        erik & family

      • Hi Erik,

        Unfortunately, our Summer’s Evening Courses have finished for this season.

        We are happy to run a daytime course if we had enough delegates, do let me know how many of you are interested in visiting Hen Corner,



  2. hello Clive and Rosie – are you still posting “hen parties for Beginners ” – can I write about these in the croydon press

    • Hello Clare
      Sorry for epic delay. I have just come across your enquiry. Yes we are still hosting ‘Hen Parties for Beginners’. Our next one is on Sat 19th Nov. We would be delighted if you wished to write about them in Croydon press. Thank you for your interest, Clive

  3. Hi there, My name is Lucy Piper and I’m a 3rd year photojournalism student at Falmouth University, Cornwall. I’m currently doing a project on urban farms and agriculture in London. I was wondering whether it would be at all possible to meet some of you & to introduce myself & explain my idea.I’m hoping to promote sustainability within the city & to showcase the great work that urban farms do. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Best, Lucy

  4. […] to go until Easter, the shops are full of chocolate bunnies and fluffy chicks. But in the life of Sara Ward, eggs are not just for Easter – she’s one of around 500 000 UK backyard chicken-keepers, a […]

  5. Love your site, just found you and so glad I did! I look forward to your articles! Would love for you to come visit our neck of the woods: http://floydfamilyhomestead.com

    • Thanks, so great to see that you’re living the good life too!

  6. Hello , I wondered whether you would find this link to chicken coops for the garden useful. http://www.framebow.co.uk/chicken_coops.html

    They are rather pretty and very well made.

    It’s wonderful that chickens can be enjoyed by anyone with a little space and not just by those who live in the countryside . The benefit of fresh eggs , produced at home in a kind environment is so rewarding and to know where your food has come from is fabulous.

    • Thanks Steph, it’s great that so many more people are discovering how easy it is to keep chickens and are now enjoying their own very fresh eggs!

  7. Hi,
    I’m interested in your cheese course, but would like to know where you are before I book to sort out logistics , I can’t seem to find an address on website, could you tell me the area you are in so I can work out how to get to you !

    Many thanks

    Susie Kennedy

    • Thanks Susie, we don’t put our full address on the website as Hen Corner is our family home.
      We are in Brentford, West London, near St Paul’s church & school. I hope this helps?

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