Cider Sunday has become an annual event here at Hen Corner; 

We invite friends to join in, bringing apples if possible, and together we sort, wash, chop, crush and press….

‘This weekend my three children climbed the tree in our garden and picked every apple they could find for one of our favourite traditions of the year Cider Sunday. We then headed off with our apples to see our friend Sara Ward at her urban smallholding Hen Corner to make apple cider ready for Christmas!’ Matt Bird, Relationology

‘When I heard that Sara was doing her annual cider-making event, Cider Sunday, I jumped at the chance to visit again and join in… The sun beating down made it an even more wonderful day in Sara’s beautiful garden – it was great to be part of one of her stimulating sustainable and country-inspired projects.’ Michele Jameson, Country Living Magazine



  1. You make it all look so easy!

  2. Hey – you guys are amazing. It’s like The Good Life, but without the flares.
    Love ya,

  3. You guys crack me up. Chickens, home-made cider, whatever next! 🙂

  4. Your both just amazing and we should all try and follow your example where we can when i think how many of my apples have been feed to the chooks and wildlife as just have not be able to do some think with them quick enough
    from Linda enjoy your animals and gardens

    • Ha! Kara, you crack me up.I know what you mean about the eggs though. I think this time of year, their ccyles are all messed up. Some days we have more than seems possible, and then we’ll go two or three days with no eggs. Strange.Love the new blog!PS I want to be your neighbor!

      • Thanks for this, yes, with broody cycles in the summer then reduced laying in the winter, the pure breeds only lay a fraction of the eggs that the hybrids do… they are so pretty though!

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