Kitchen Garden

We began the Kitchen Garden project in 2009 by making and installing raised beds. The first four are for brassicas, legumes, alliums and roots which we plant in rotation and have a separate beds for asparagus, soft fruits and rhubarb. We also have a grape vine and eleven fruit and nut trees; apples, pears, plums, figs, peaches and almonds.

Finished pathways After a year of over-grown paths (poppies and rocket were our main competitors!), we decided to sacrifice a long bank holiday to install brick pathways!
We started by digging out two tons of earth creating the depth for hardcore and foundation.

We used leftover roof tiles as hardcore, laid out neatly, then levelled with a heavy-duty compactor. Over two tons of sand were mixed, by hand (well spade!) with cement to back-fill the path trenches to a depth of 75mm before laying on the brick pavers.

What we thought would be a 4 day job with 500 bricks turned out to be a 10 day job, over a whole month, for two of us using 1400 bricks!
It was hard work, but seeing it come into being was the encouragement we needed to persevere. Now that it’s finished and we’ve got seeds and sets planted, we can weed, water, and watch it all grow whilst enjoying a glass of wine! Now for the grapevine……

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To see our current planting schedule, please click below

Planting Plan

Our next Pick and Pickle Course can be found here.



  1. Really enjoyed listening to your talk at the Reskilling afternoon today. Thank-you!

    • Thanks so much, Fiona, it was great to be involved!

  2. Loved your pictures, you have some really good ideas

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