Festive DessertWe love food here at Hen Corner and would like to share some of our favourite recipes with you – but here’s the deal…

We won’t copy a recipe from another chef, book, magazine – because that’s just not fair!

We may recommend super recipes that we find – but will either link to them or clearly give credit to the chef…

All the recipes here are homemade creations or, if passed down from others, are named after the generous giver…


Mains & Sides:

Coffee Cream Ring 011Cakes & Desserts:

Apple and Chilli JellySauces & Preserves:

Tipsy MincemeatChristmas Treats:

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  1. Lovin’ the Hen Corner blog! Bring on the recipes me says!

    M x

  2. Any suggestions?

    What do you fancy?

    Maybe a rhubarb fool…?

    • We have three Orpingtons that would go broody, we would put them in a cage for a few days and that would cure them. We have a liltte dark Brahma that just about withered away this spring because she would not get off the nest and the cage would not work for her. So every day I would take her and one of her sisters for company to a small fenced garden inside my yard to get away from the bullies and eat worms and after weeks of dedication she finally came out of it but it was somewhat frustrating at the time. Now I have an Orpington, a light Brahma, and a Partridge Cochin that have all gone broody, and I am thinking of trying some of the ideas I have read here, so thanks to everyone who graciously tries to help out. By the way, I have a rooster but one comment made me start thinking there is something to the others picking on them that may contribute to the broodiness.

      • Hi Stevie,
        We can’t keep roosters here in London…
        I think we’ve come to terms with the broody cycles. Butternut is more than happy hatching chicks from eBay eggs and Ascot & Bunty should be finished soon (collecting the eggs regularly helps)…
        All the best with yours,


  3. How about some savoury recipes?
    I’m told you make a great piccalilly?

  4. If you’ve got spare honey it’s great made into marmalade, replacing the sugar. You can either spend hours chopping the fruit or use the prepared tinned stuff – either makes a delicious alternative to honey on your morning toast.

    • Sounds lovely, I think I have some bakers honey hidden away somewhere!

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