Mother-in-law’s Forage Jelly

Crab Apple & Blackberry Jelly

You know, people make jokes about Mother-in-laws? Well, I really couldn’t have asked for a better one… She is kind, generous, hospitable and shares so many of the interests that are bubbling up in me (all things country, garden & food…), she regularly takes me as her guest to Wisley and passes on her used magazines (with special reference to the articles that I’ll like), she brings me fresh game when she finds it at the farmers market and forages in the hedgerow when I haven’t got time – she’s the best!


Everything came from my Mother-In-Law (except the sugar!)

1.6 kg Crab Apples (quartered)

1 kg Blackberries

3.5kg sugar


  1. Put the apples and blackberries in a large pan, cover with water & simmer for  30 mins.
  2. Strain overnight in jelly bag.
  3. Measure the juice and add equal quantity of sugar (we got 3.5ltrs of juice, therefore added 3.5kg sugar)
  4. Boil the strained juice until it froths up (increasing in volume) boil at this level for 10 mins.
  5. Pot up into sterilised jars.

After straining the boiled apple & blackberries, we had 1.2kg pulp left over – that means that 1.4 kg of fruit went straight into the jelly!

This recipe/quantities made 18 jars of jelly, this cost us £3.50 (the price of the sugar) this works out at 19.4p per jar!

Thanks Mum (in law)!



  1. […] mother in law recently passed on a newspaper article about urban hens, as she does, and I instantly recognised […]

  2. Delicious – our crab apple and elderberry jelly has been the best thing so far this year. Wish I’d made more of it!!!

    • Yes, I always get jellied out and say ‘Enough!’ Then use it up, sell out by November…

  3. Lovely! We had much more crabapple than blackberries (my tiny helper ate much more than he picked) but the recipe still worked fab. Thanks for sharing. X

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