Leppi’s fish cakes

Now our friend Leppi is mentioned in the title, but this recipe was not given by him – but made for him… You see he popped in as we were preparing fish cakes for supper… but he is very allergic to all seafood!!!!!

So we adapted the recipe just for him and it worked!

Ingredients – sorry you’ve got to guess the quantities!

Leftover mashed potato

Roasted peppers

Feta Cheese (crumbled)

Olives (chopped)

Fresh oregano

Freshly ground Black Pepper

Beaten egg to bind

Beaten egg & seasoned flour for coating


1. Mix together all the ingredients except the egg & flour for coating.

2. Shape into cakes with wet hands, dip in beaten egg then seasoned flour.

3. Shallow fry in olive oil.

Pictures to follow…



  1. It amused me when I saw Leppi’s Fish Cakes knowing his fondness for fish!! I bet they are delicious apart from the fact that I can’t eat peppers!
    I found in a magazine the other day 2 a little different fish cake recipes, one which has broad beans in it and the other spinach. Would you like me to send them to you?

    • Thanks Annie!

      Yep, we’d love to see the new recipes… I’ve just harvested our broad beans…


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