Bonapeti – Dinner to your door!

Delivered by handWe were very pleased to have been given the opportunity to review Bonapeti recently, a new company that opens for business in January 2015, their mission is to provide ‘Freshly prepared plant-based meals delivered to your door for less than the cost of a home-cooked supper.’

The meals were delivered in recyclable cool boxes, insulated with sustainable Woolcool, mid afternoon and were still in tip-top condition at supper time.

What was in the box?

4 portions of main dishes

  • Squash Noodles with a sesame miso dressing and a shiso, fennel, carrot and seaweed salad £9.50
  • Baked Kohlrabi with a spiced tomato preserve and pumpkin seed Gremolata £9.95

2 portions of sides

  • Carrot salad with pumpkin seed Dukkah £4.95

2 portions of desserts

  • Semolina and honey cake with quince £3.00
  • Chilli marinated roasted pineapple, toasted coconut, mango and papaya salad £4.95

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Our Verdict…

This was a real treat, the sort of food that would take ages to prepare with lots of chopping, grating and many complex ingredients, yet freshly prepared just for us.

Each dish came in very good-sized portions, this delivery fed two adults and two teenagers.

Squash Noodles: This was really nice, a reminder of sushi, full of flavour, very tasty, completely made from raw plants – with every mouthful bursting with flavour, you know it’s good for you. Our children particularly loved this dish and I thought the smoked cashew creams were wonderful.

Baked Kohlrabi: This dish had all the warmth & comfort of a moussaka but no grease, meat, or dairy… It was filling, indulgent, but completely guilt free. Note: This was the only dish that needed to be reheated for a short time in the oven.

Carrot Salad: Bejeweled with pomegranate and enriched with chick peas, this dish with its hint of Indian spice was really quite spectacular.

Semolina & Honey Cake: With the delicate aroma of cardamom, this rich indulgent cake was steeped in honey and served with fragrant quince and zesty yoghurt. It was a really good size portion but I managed to finish it!

Chilli Marinated Pineapple: Unfortunately, I didn’t get a look in on this dish as my husband, Andy, devoured the lot pronouncing it ‘Crazy but really good, not like anything I’ve tasted before – that was epic!’

In summary, these are not in the league of ready meals, or even a takeaway, it’s more like a delivery from a personal chef…

This would be perfect for people with busy schedules when eating well is important and there is limited time to plan or cook for yourself.

The meals were delivered in recyclable containers, but when they launch in January they are planning to use trays that are totally biodegradable made from up-cycled straw.

We’ve already been telling our friends about this lovely food, so click delivery on their website, pop in your postcode to see if they’ll deliver to you, and leave your email address for all their news – we have!

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