Ten Top Tips for Keeping Chicks

We’ve been running Chicken Keeping courses for a few years now and we always get asked the same questions!

So here are our ten top tips for keeping chickens in an urban environment:

#1 Space & Equipment

#2 Cleaning, Mess & Smells

#3 Daily, Weekly & Monthly Care

#4 Feeding Your Chickens

#5 Noise!

#6 Where & When To Buy Your Hens

#7 Parasites (inside & out!)

#8 What If Your Chicken Gets Sick?

#9 Foxes, Rats & Mice

#10 Money Saving Or Expensive Hobby?

Join us on the Journey!



  1. This is so professional and so helpful. Thank-you!

    • Why thank you!

      And good luck on your chicken adventure….

  2. […] chicks might be for you, then you can check out Sara’s ‘10 Top Tips for Keeping Chicks’ here (and maybe even enroll on one of her […]

  3. Excellent info here, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looking for.

    • Thanks Carrie, any questions, just ask!

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