Posted by: hencorner | January 12, 2015

2015 – Bring it on…

Hen in Street“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

Here at Hen Corner, we believe that living life to the full is a gift and a privilege, and over recent weeks, we’ve embraced some changes that will hopefully facilitate growth in our projects and see many other people join us on the journey to live life to the full.

The biggest change is that Sara is now working full-time for Hen Corner, looking to broaden out our work with schools and develop more exciting courses that we will be delivering throughout the year.

We were thrilled last year to see some of our course guests return for subsequent sessions allowing them to explore new topics, develop their artisan food skills and continue on their journey towards self-sufficiency.

We are looking forward to having a new kitchen installed that will help us with our food based courses and current thoughts include Afternoon Tea (make your own bread, scones and jam), Gift Hampers (biscuits, chocolates and preserves) alongside some seasonal sessions for young families where children can meet the animals and enjoy crafts and games. If you have other suggestions for us, do leave a comment below…

Whilst we have been supporting London schools for several years now, we will be broadening out our range of lessons to complement the curriculum for both Primary and Secondary school students; if we can help a school near you, let us know!

TM Toast

Coming up at the Corner

Our courses are planned right throughout the year giving everyone the opportunity for ‘A little bit of country life in London’.

This month we have our Toast and Marmalade Course on Wednesday 28th January, a whole day course introducing both marmalade making and baking bread.

Next month we welcome families to join us for Families, Feathers and Fun chicken keeping on February 28th.

Why not come and join us? All our courses are open for bookings, so whether you want to try something new or treat someone to a wonderful gift, have a look and book in early!

Other News:

  • We have been asked to participate in the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair with talks about Chickens and Bees and maybe some food demonstrations in their Spring Garden
  • Chiswick Buzz have asked us for a recipe of the month that they can film and publish to encourage us to cook more seasonally
  • Bunty, our Chocolate Orpington Bantam, has been chosen to be the surrogate mother hen this Spring. As soon as she is ready, we’ll get some fertile eggs for her to sit on, maybe some more Pekin Bantams

Jobs for next week:

  • Deliver a big order of honey to BAFTA, I wonder if they’ll use it for the Film Awards next month?
  • Finalise my plans for half a day at The Holmewood School; we’re talking chickens, life cycles and animal welfare
  • Write a brief to re-brand Hen Corner and develop a new website…

Have a good week yourself…Hen logo good

Join us on the Journey!



  1. Lovely post. I recently commented on the results of a poll that were shocking – Parental Guidance | Alla Casa Burgunda – and I think it is great you are working hard to bring people, including the young, back to key practical and earthy skills! All the best with your endeavours in this new year 🙂

    • Thanks, that article is great, though worrying…
      I appreciate the need to be confident with IT, but surely programmes like The Great British Bake Off and The Big Allotment Challenge should be helping families understand where their food comes from and generate an interest in getting involved?

  2. Yes, go Sara! 2015 will be great. And I will eventually get myself to a Hen Corner class by spring 🙂

    • Thanks Emma, we’d love you to come on a course… Can you think of any new ones that we should put on?

      • Lots – I’m particularly interested in learning how to garden and grow a herb and veg garden for bees and other pollinators. Also, will make it to a cider course eventually!

      • Fantastic! I’ll do some research into fruit, veg & herbs for honey bees as I plan my planting schedule for this year…
        Cider Sunday is the 2nd Sunday in September, come along!

      • Planting schedule… Sounds great! I’ll look out for the Hencorner garden calendar and diary too 😉

  3. Sounds like it’s going to be a very busy year! Good luck with all your plans!

    • Thanks Becky….
      Exciting & busy, but at least I’ve stopped my day job!

  4. Please let me know when you are starting your introduction to bee keeping, as I would like to attend. Thanks, Lark

    • Hi Lark, we’d love you to join us!
      At the moment they are scheduled in from May but we may do a couple in April, the prices are being reviewed, but if you book in/pay directly with me, I’ll honour the current price…
      Hope to see you soon, Sara

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