Posted by: hencorner | November 1, 2014

Half Term Hens & Honey Show…

We’ve had a great half term holiday as a family which began in Paris to celebrate the first two years of my husband’s business and ended with us picking up a prize at the National Honey Show!

Paris PoultryParis Poultry

We had a wonderful long weekend in Paris with Andy’s brother, Rich, and his family to celebrate the second birthday of their new business Raw Unlimited. We saw all the famous sites, including a three-hour queue for the Eiffel Tower, and cocktails at Harry’s New York Bar, but a real highlight for me was to visit the colourful Marché aux Fleurs (flower market) which, dating from 1808, is the oldest and one of the largest flower markets in Paris. From Monday to Saturday you can find everything from orchids to orange trees and on Sundays it is joined by the Marché aux Oiseaux (bird market) with cage after cage of birds ranging from the tiniest of finches to an extra-large goose and a wide variety of parrots, pigeons and poultry on display for sale. I’m not sure whether the chickens were intended as household pets to be kept in a fifth floor apartment; caged birds seem to be the easiest, low maintenance, pet for a hard-working Parisian and whilst hens may contribute freshly laid eggs I think the farm animal odour might outweigh the benefits!

Another Prize!

Half Term finished with our annual visit to the National Honey Show at St Georges College, Weybridge. This year, with its mild weather that was perfect for bee keeping, saw 1,714 individual entries at the show distributed between classes that included inventions, photography, baking, brewing and all things honey and wax related. Whilst our honey didn’t scoop any prizes this year we were thrilled to pick up an award for our favourite Honey and Oat Cookies; they came third place in a class that included entries from all over the country.

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TM ToastComing up at the Corner

This year we have had courses right throughout 2014 giving everyone the opportunity for ‘A little bit of country life in London’. The next sessions coming up are Family Feathers and Fun! on 8th November and Stir Up Sunday on 23rd November, which is now fully booked.

Into the new year, we have our Toast and Marmalade Course on Wednesday 28th January, this is a whole day course introducing both marmalade making and baking bread.

Why not come and join us? We have also planned all of our courses for next year, so whether you want to try something new or treat someone to a wonderful gift, have a look and book in early!

‘Oh yes, I am!’ There are no courses in December as I’m fulfilling a dream and am playing a part in a local pantomime, Cinderella, on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th. Tickets are available here and we’d love you to join us along with your family and friends (£5 adults, £3 concessions).

Spoonfuls of HoneyBook of the Blog Post:

Spoonfuls of Honey – A complete guide to honey’s flavours & culinary uses with over 80 recipes

By Hattie Ellis

I’d seen this book first on Twitter and then held a copy in my hands at the National Honey Show. Filled with stories, recipes and beautiful pictures – this is a must for my Christmas list!

This book is available with many of our other favourite books from the Hen Corner Shop!

Other News:

  • Now that our honey has been safely extracted, the empty super frames have been frozen to kill any wax moth eggs, and packed away for next year
  • The bees have been slurping up syrup to store as spare food over winter
  • We’ve been continuing to treat our apple, pear and plum trees with a Codling Moth Nematode

Jobs for next week:

Have a good week yourself…Hen logo good

Join us on the Journey!




  1. I am very interested in attending the one day bee keeping course. When would be a good time to contact you for a place? Many thanks, Lark Harrison

    • Hi Lark, it would be great if you could join us!
      All our dates are scheduled in for next year and you can book in online via the links to Eventbrite from this site.
      We look forward to meeting you next summer…

  2. The toast and marmalade course sounds fun! Can I use the wax apples photo for the next Ealing beekeepers newsletter please?

    • Thanks Emily, you are welcome to use any of our photos! I had some nice professional photos taken this summer, some of those may be helpful as well?

  3. I love Paris – you must tell us more about it next time at the apiary. And I knew you’d do well in the national honey show, keeping up the show for Ealing beekeepers, yea! 🙂

  4. Forgot to say good luck for Cinderella!

    • Thanks so much Emma!

      I think our first performance is just after the Ealing Beeks Christmas party… Maybe we could arrange a party booking!!!

  5. I used to keep bees – until I married 15 years ago: my wife is allergic – and I miss them, but we both enjoy living off what we forage from the countryside. As it happens, *I’m* allergic to poultry, but I still love those chickens – they are THE most adorable creatures!

    • Hi Adam, it is such a shame that allergies seem to be hindering so many people from doing the things that they would love to do.
      Are there other bee keepers near you that you could partner with allowing you to help keep bees without any risks to your wife?
      Bees, and chickens, are very therapeutic and, of course, contribute to the food that we can produce ourselves.
      All the best, Sara

  6. Not sure where to post while you’re website-building but just to say, if I don’t see you at the apiary, to have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas at Hen Corner with your family and friends! Looking forward to an inspiring new look and articles from you in the new year! 🙂

    • Thanks Emma, every blessing for a lovely Christmas for you and your loved ones too x

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