Posted by: hencorner | November 4, 2011

Why did the chicken keeper get a beehive?

Call us Tom and Barbara….

But recently I’ve been discovering just how useful the bees are and hopefully will be. We all love a bit of honey on toast and we’re hoping for some great pollination next year; we all know about local honey and it’s help with hay fever and, apparently, the propolis reduces the chances of arthritis, but this week’s discovery tops them all. Honey has healing properties that are especially helpful when trying to treat a prolapsed chicken! Poor Kiwi, who belongs to our friends Ben & Jo, has been faithfully laying large eggs for quite some time and, basically, her insides have popped outside for a bit of a rest…. This isn’t causing her any pain, we just need to keep her clean, rested, away from the others and try to get it all back in place. During this process, it would also be helpful to reduce any further pressure on her delicate bits so we have reduced her food to stop her laying eggs and pooing too much… Where does the honey come in, I hear you say? Well, it acts as an antibacterial lubricant that reduces swelling and helps us get everything back in place… Hopefully that wasn’t too gory for you!

Family Feathers and Fun!

For those of you that are keen to find out more about keeping chickens (especially after that!), we are planning a new autumn special Family Chicken Keeping Course, on Saturday 26th November, with fun and games for children and loads of tips and information for all. For more details and booking in, please see here.

Hen Corner TV – Codling Moth Treatment (for apple trees)

Other Highlights:

  • We’ve made a couple of bottles of Sloe Gin ready for Christmas
  • The saffron has started sprouting, hurrah at last!
  • Apricots and almonds are soaking in brandy for the Christmas puddings

Jobs for next week:

  • Collect the leaves off the lawn into a tidy pile for leaf mold
  • Compost my baby aubergine….. so sad, a mouse and then slugs had got at it from behind
  • Crack on with the big winter prune and clear up (haven’t started yet!)

Have a good week yourself…

Join us on the Journey!


  1. what a lovely read and full of useful infor as always
    have a nice weekend from Linda and David here in SWAFFHAM

  2. Dear Hen Corner, I love your blog and I look forward to receiving updates in my inbox! Regarding honey – it think there’s a book available that has something like 100 uses for honey (maybe it’s a 1000?). It’s like vinegar – it can solve a variety of issues! I wonder if the honey book outlines anything to do with chicken bottoms?

    And your video is outstanding! You’re an inspiration.


    • Thanks for this Kim, I really appreciate your encouragement. We are so looking forward to next year’s honey-harvest…

  3. ooo I would so like to keep bees.

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