Posted by: hencorner | October 21, 2011

Happy Apple Day!

Mmm, as I type we have a Herman the German Apple Friendship Cake baking in the oven and what better day to enjoy it?

Today, 21st October, is Apple Day, where all things good from our national fruit can be celebrated. As you know, here at Hen Corner, we’ve made cider and chutneys, jellies and jams and as the last of this year’s harvest is baking in a cake, we can sit back and remember the great fun of Cider Sunday whilst listening to the demijohns bubble in the background…

Hen Corner TV – Cider Sunday

Other Highlights:

  • Our small harvest of figs was wonderful, the late summer sun helped to ripen them.
  • The hens that have been moulting have started some lovely new feather growth; hopefully they’ll start laying again soon…
  • The bees are still bringing in loads of pollen – a real benefit of keeping them in London, so much flora nearly all year!

Jobs for next week:

  • Start blowing the leaves off the lawn into a tidy pile for leaf mold
  • Fix a mouse guard to the bee hive (to stop them trying to hibernate inside!)
  • Protect my baby aubergine with bubble wrap; thrilled that it’s taken – but why so late?
  • Crack on with the big winter prune and clear up

Have a good week yourself…

Join us on the Journey!



  1. Hi Sara. Have been reading your blog avidly for a long time now so feel I am in touch with you. Things look Amazing in your corner of Lateward Road – inspiring! Lots of Love Sophie Roe xxxx

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