Posted by: hencorner | April 12, 2010

So it’s Spring!

We enjoyed our first meal ‘Al Fresco’ this weekend and even ‘caught the sun’ whilst working in the garden… as the soil warms and blossom appears – it really does foster hope and expectancy. There are seven asparagus spears so far, yet we can’t eat any this year as they are only year old crowns. So we’ll have to enjoy the beauty of the ferns again and look forward to spring ’11, patience, patience…

We’ve discovered that at least one of the globe artichoke plants that we reared from seed last year has survived the winter and we’re looking forward to watching the plant develop into a huge  architectual feature that will reward us with magnificant sceptres to enjoy as summer appetizer.

Whilst we’re waiting to reveal the completed kitchen garden here at Hen Corner, left is a picture taken at the River Cottage kitchen garden last year as an inspiration…

mmm, the rhubarb is doing very well (giving it the patch next to the composters ensures a good constant food source direct to the roots). I’ve got some double cream and yoghurt in the fridge and fancy a fool!


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